TV was my best friend growing up, if not my de facto sibling, so it’s surprising for me not to have one.  I get by with Netflix, the gym, and the generosity of my friends.  It’s plenty.  But little did I know that I was missing the SlapChop.  The Ronco device for the new millennium, the SlapChop is a mini hand chopper, a complex device for the simple task of what a knife can do.  As sold on TV by its Jersey boy spokesman, I’m all the more intrigued by his fast talk and the staccato beats of the SlapChop.  I would normally deride a gadget such as this, but there seems to be a marked improvement – it “pops open like a butterfly” to make it easy to clean.  Be still my beating heart.  The drawback is that you still have to haul out the knife and cutting board to chop everything down to fit the mouth of the chopper, essentially pre-chopping for the SlapChop.  Step aside Cuisinart, it’s time to make room between to the George Foreman Grill and the Sandwich Maker for the SlapChop.  And Graty too.

2 Responses to “Transfixed”

  1. Thing « The Littlest Kitchen Says:

    […] the holes in the bottom half.  But don’t I have a colander that can do all that?  Sham-wow, slap-chop, this is so much better. It can go from sink to table, stat, without getting water all over the […]

  2. Jeremy from We Took The Bait Says:

    For the Slap Chop, not only will you need a knife to chop your vegetable into bits small enough to fit into the contraption, but a butter knife to pry bits of whatever you’re chopping from between the blades. Which, you’ll have to do once every third slap or so.

    The Graty I like. I may grate some cheese now, just because.

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