Follow the Bell

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Some people listen for the lilting jingle of the Mr. Softee truck, I listen for the deep clang of Mike’s Knife Sharpening truck.  Roaming the streets of Brooklyn with his dogs Princess and Baby, Mike provides a service that is ultimately more valuable than soft serve.  For $5, my 8-inch chef’s knife was as good as new in less than two minutes.  All I had to do was walk down the street, and the chore/errand/task that I’ve put off for so long, was done.  Mike is serendipity on wheels.


One Response to “Follow the Bell”

  1. dave Says:

    I picked up a Lanksy sharpening kit and a honing steel from Henckels and my knives have never been sharper. Using the sharpening kit is a bit like whittling; no hurry, kind of meditative. Honing a knife on the steel before I use it makes me feel like a real chef – shiiiik, shiiiik, shiiiik – ready to go. You don’t realize how dull your knives have been until you’ve used a really sharp one.

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