Dead: One Credit Card


The budget works.  I’ve been on the budget for ten months and I’ve finally killed off one credit card.  I’m ecstatic.  I feel like I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 4, the weight of my financial burden reduced by a diet of good spending habits and restraint.

My only disappointment is seeing the total difference in balances from August to May, about $5000.  That doesn’t seem like a lot for all the penny pinching that I’ve done.  The sad reality is that much of that money is finance charges.  Stupid tax that gets tagged on every month, keeping the balances up, because there certainly aren’t any new purchases.  In my elation, I briefly considered easing up on the debt in order to have more of a weekly allowance, but I realize that the sooner I pay off the balances, the less stupid tax I’ll have to pay.  The payments will also go much faster with the dwindling balances.  I should be able to kill off another card by the end of the summer, leaving one to die a slow death by 2010.

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