A Rug in the Kitchen


I never would have wanted a rug in the kitchen.  Now, I’m having a change of heart.  Specifically, the tile junction to my wood floor bums me out.  I want to cover it.

I originally thought that I wanted a woven plastic Indian style rug, but I can’t quite find the size that I need, or for that matter, its official name to do a Google search.  Knowing that the rug will bear a fair share of abuse, I didn’t want anything precious or expensive.  I looked towards Urban Outfitters for something cute and cheap.


Another plastic option, is this “rag” rug made from plastic bags.  I love the patterning and how it shimmers.  To clean it requires hosing it off with water, but would it be a haven for bugs with all the nooks and crannies?  A catchall for crumbs and cat hair?


Maybe this kilim rug makes more sense, being a flat tight cloth weave.  Its thinness lends to an easy run in the washing machine, more my style of cleaning.  At less then $25 each, I can actually afford to try both.

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