The Handoline


The Littlest Kitchen has been somewhat erratic with the day job, out of town guests, and the season finale of Lost.  There hasn’t been much cooking, although plenty of eating as my waistline will attest.  Being out of the kitchen has provided an opportunity to see what’s out there and be open to new things.  It’s time for another edition of Things That I Think I Want, a way to rationalize my impulse to buy.

I like to keep my kitchen gadgets to a minimum, so I am surprised to find myself wanting a mandoline.  I’ve always been turned off by all the moving parts, such a bitch to clean for the sake of paper thin vegetables.  A knife will do for cardboard box width and less dishes.   But one night at a friend’s for dinner, she effortlessly wielded her OXO handheld mandoline, or “handoline”, a device that is barely more trouble than a grater.     Could I have my cake and eat it too?  Quick thin slices and a quick clean up?  She spoke highly of it, and if there was more prep to do, I would have have taken it for a test drive, but she was done in a blink of an eye.


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