Kimchi and butter


I like kimchi and I like butter, but I would never have thought to put the two together in a compound butter.  By nature of oil and water, wouldn’t they separate, or cause some acid to base chemical reaction?  But like all things Momofuku, it takes you by surprise, and reels you in.  It’s a flavor that is as full and tangy as cheese.  And I mean it in the most flattering way when I say that the decaying stench of kimchi fully complements the smoothness of butter, giving it a funk, an edge. Sold at Momofuku Milk Bar, the fetching little jar of orange sherbert colored butter hides discreetly in the case of cakes and pies.  Beneath the cute lucky peach sticker lies crack in a jar.


One Response to “Kimchi and butter”

  1. Dave Morrison Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Kimchi compound butter sounds pretty good, actually. A dollop of that smack in the middle of a rib-eye steak done medium rare … mmm.


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