To the Bone


Unlike most New Yorkers, I rarely get takeout.  I have two takeout menus, and I’ve only used one.  Every once in a while, I’ll indulge in the convenience of the rotisserie chicken at Los Pollitos.  For $14, not only do I get a perfectly tender roast chicken, but also, the rice and beans and maduros.  And I make it last.

img_2911 img_2925 img_2913

After the first night, the chicken isn’t as good reheated to its original form, so I like to make a guacamole chicken salad.  Shredded meat, mashed avocado, the green salsa that comes with the chicken, lime juice, and minced scallions, it’s much like the Venezuelan chicken salad that’s usually stuffed into arepas.  It’s delicious.

Since I’ve used all of the meat, there is still skin left behind.  The skin is my favorite part, as gross as it may sound.  It always has been since I was a kid, much to the horror and disgust of my parents.  I’ve taken to making chicken chicharrones by re-baking the already burnished skin at 35o degrees.  Crisp and light, much of the fat has been rendered off in the rotisserie, or in the re-baking.  It’s better than potato chips.


That leaves the bones for stock.  A takeout dinner for one night spawned two sandwiches, three salads, a snack, and who knows how many more meals from the chicken stock.  One chicken goes a long way in The Littlest Kitchen.

Chicken Guacamole

-shred 1 chicken breast

-mash 1/2 avocado

-combine chicken, avocado, 1 minced scallion, 1/4 cup green salsa, and juice 1/2 lime

-salt and pepper to taste


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