The Fixer


I’ve been looking at a lot of interior design porn for work, and all I want to do is redecorate my apartment!  In the past three months, there have been improvements (resetting the leaky-ish kitchen sink, tightening the leaky shower faucets, installing a hallway chandelier, replacing the window latches) and additions (a cutlery tray, a grater, a glass food container, a garbage can).  When I look around my apartment, I still see millions of things that could be done, but the most glaring things are the oven, the backsplash and the unfinished vintage cabinet.  All the things that I’ve been putting off.  I need a fixer, someone to correct all the wrong in my place, someone who will just do it.

Part of the problem with my renovation, was the de-centralization of jobs.  I had three different people doing the work, which is practical and specialized, but it all should have gone through one person, a contractor, not me.  Yes, I admit it, I should have hired a contractor!  Mea culpa!  Now I want that person, maybe not a contractor per se, but someone who can do or can oversee these tasks being done.  It’s sort of the dregs of an already small job, but I’m hoping to find that special someone in this economy.

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