Out with the old, In with the new


When I moved in to my apartment almost 2 1/2 years ago, I didn’t own a kitchen garbage can.  On the inaugural Ikea run, it was the second purchase, following a shower curtain.  I had decided on a covered trash container that could be mounted to my old cabinet door to save space and would be out of plain view.  Me bad, the mounting device was a smidge too long for the door, so it sat under the sink anyway.  I would have to open the cabinet door and then the garbage lid to throw anything away.  Bad move.

During the renovation, I got used to having the trash can out, and since there’s been more room, it’s stayed out.  And it became an eyesore, I needed a new garbage can for the new kitchen.  My requirements were simple – small because I don’t make much trash, only about a grocery’s bag full a week; covered to hide sights and smells; a step release lid so that I don’t have to touch it with mucky hands; and stainless to go with the fridges.  Enter Simple Human’s mini semi-round step can.  More meant for bathrooms and home offices, it’s perfectly scaled for The Littlest Kitchen.  It fits in with the decor.  I can use grocery bags to line it, although it’s meant to hold the official liners.  My only criticism is that it’s a little light and I feel that I have to step on it oh-so-gingerly, or it’ll fly off.  A little retraining on my behalf for a welcome addition.


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