A Passing Fancy?

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I like to think that most things in The Littlest Kitchen are thoughtful and carefully considered, not impulsive or irrational.  Real estate is precious and I don’t need to spend my tight-fisted dollars on crap.  When I decided that my mixing bowls of choice were going to be generic stainless steel from the restaurant supply store, there were many factors in consideration – they’re light, they’re durable, and they’re cheap.  I dissed glass, and pooh-poohed plastic, but now I find myself distracted by the Joseph Joseph Nest 8 Bowl Set.  Practically a matryoshka doll of cookware, inside the large mixing bowl is a colander, which has inside a seive, which has inside a small mixing bowl with a spout, which has inside four measuring cups.  It’s cute, it’s colorful, and it’s efficient.  It’s well designed, down to the holes in the handles for a flush top surface and quick release of bowls.  I’m really into it, but do I dare make the plunge, or is it just a crush?


One Response to “A Passing Fancy?”

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    […] I oohed and aahed over the Nest 8, one of my reservations was that I didn’t need a large bowl and a strainer.  I have versions […]

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