Sprouts by the Ton

img_2914 img_2918

The tofu place on the corner of Bowery and Grand is the kind of old school institution that I love.  It has pretty much one kind of product – tofu and its ilk – and does it well, without any frills or amenities.  The quality is so good, that it doesn’t need anything but the bare bones.  Tofu in its many forms – plain, firm, soft, fried, marinated, fermented – and its progenitor, bean sprouts, along with a few similarly textured rice noodles, are always fresh and inexpensive.  A pound of bean sprouts is ninety cents.

But what do I do with a pound of bean sprouts?  I usually only need a handful at a time for my slim repertoire of Asian dishes.  And I really hate throwing out a bag of swampy sprouts at the end of the week.  I like bean sprouts, but a whole pound’s worth?  

img_2890 img_2892

To maximize the sprouts, I made the sprout-centric banchan from the Dok Suni cookbook.  Incredibly easy, it’s a quick steam in its own seasoned liquid of garlic, scallions, and sesame salt.  Good on its own, and tossed into any kind of Asian noodles, I could eat it by the ton.

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