A Pot of Gold


As much as I’ve enjoyed the challenges of $25 a week on food, and detailing every little thing that I spend my money on – both worthwhile distractions and valuable lessons – what has made the most difference in my finances has been the big changes.  Not having to pay for health insurance has saved me $500 a month, a truly obscene yet necessary expense.  Re-financing my apartment is going to save me another $200.  It’s the pots of gold, not the penny pinching, that really mattered.

However, these big changes don’t come along often, and awareness of one’s finances is ever more important in this economy.  Being on my budget has really kept me on the straight and narrow.  For the first time in years, I can say that I can afford my lifestyle.  I don’t use credit cards unless it’s the only way to pay, i.e. plane tickets.  My weekly cash “allowance” serves me well, although it’s either feast or famine at the end of the week.  It all feels responsible and sane.  Honest and in the present.  Sober.

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