To Health


In my day to day, I try to think about what I can do to be healthier.  The single most impactful act would be more exercise.  I do, I try, I often come up short.  Then there’s the less fat, less alcohol, less sugar, less fun route.  I need a feeling of accomplishment – I bought a glass food container.

Does reheating food in a glass container versus a plastic container make a difference?  There are arguments that claim that heating plastic in the microwave can leach harmful substances used in the making of the container, i.e. carcinogens.  An entry on the Canadian Cancer Society addresses the matter, specifying that food should not be reheated in plastic unless determined as “microwave safe”.  Do I have any “microwave safe” plasticware?  I doubt it, I use leftover takeout containers.  So let’s play it safe, and just buy glass.

For $1.75, the two-cup container from Crate and Barrel suits me perfectly.  It’s the right size for the amount of food that I like to eat.  It has seal tight plastic lid doesn’t leak, de rigeur for the commute.  And, I take the lid off when I put it in the microwave.


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