The Gratest


I wouldn’t have been able to do the Herculean task of making bibim bap without my *new* box grater.  The Littlest Kitchen has been without a grater since moving in and I have been in need.  No grated carrots for salads, no grated cucumbers for tzatziki, no grated cheese for papusas, I have suffered long enough.  Recommended by Cook’s Illustrated, I got the OXO Good Grip, which I’m quite happy with so far.  It has a nifty  base to both catch the grating and to give more height for a more fluid drag.  It’s very sharp, getting to the nub what’s being grated.  Come to think of it, my only complaint is that it’s a little big for The Littlest Kitchen, making storage kind of awkward, which is hardly a problem.


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