Bap Till You Drop

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A few weeks ago, I made Dok Suni’s bibim bap, and it took over 3 hours.  I made it in someone else’s kitchen, the eagerness to eat tried my impatience even more.  The complexity of this recipe lies in the various ratios of seasonings, which accounts for the variety of flavors in the bbb.  No disrespect, but I always thought that bbb was made from leftovers.  Maybe it is, and I am just a fool for a good recipe.

In the Littlest Kitchen, I thought that I’d streamline the process by making and storing all the components ahead of time in an orderly process.  Getting my mise en place, I chopped, minced, shredded, grated, sauteed, pinched, sliced, and seasoned with speed and economy.  No less than eight main dishes to be prepped, which didn’t include the beef, egg, and rice, which would be made on the spot.  I came in at 2 1/2 hours.  Now I know why bbb costs so much at Korean restaurants, it’s the labor, not the ingredients.


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