The Eames’

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I will probably be persona non grata for taking photos of the Eames’ kitchen at their home in Pacific Palisades, but I like to see how designers cope with their kitchens.  The Eames’ is a simple kitchen, as to be expected from Mr. and Mrs. Mid-Century Modern, mostly in an era-appropriate enamel coated steel.  The counter top is a uniform stainless steel that tops off the shape of the galley kitchen, with only an interruption from the range.  Storage seems ample with the addition of the upper cabinets in the rear of the kitchen, which hover above a small cutout to the living area.  The stark white kitchen, including the breakfast nook table,  contrasts the organic wood interiors of the rest of the house in a complementary fashion, as it is re-introduced to frame the back of the kitchen.  Corrugated glass along the sink/range side allows for light to come through without competing with the panes all around the house.  Uncomplicated and untouched, it speaks more about the time and what was available to them, with a few thoughtful touches.


One Response to “The Eames’”

  1. Jameson Says:

    So adorable! I love it! I really love Charles and Ray Eames. It’s hard shopping for it though with the recession going on and all. That’s why I am so excited about this site. Aerons, Mirras, all that good stuff is priced lower.

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