Outsmarting the smoke alarm


I know the paramount importance of a smoke alarm.  So much so that it’s hardwired into my apartment, I don’t even have  the option of turning it off.  Which presents a problem whenever I cook up anything that smolders.  The piercing alarm is enough to make my ears bleed – safety first, deafness later.  It has functioned as negative reinforcement, deterring me from cooking anything that would smoke.  I’ve contemplated a fan above the cooktop, but where would I plug it in?  They’re so unsightly, a repository for grease and dust.  I’ve tried using a room fan close to the cooktop to blow the smoke away, but that seems to make the gas flame hotter, like fuel for the fire, not really solving my problem, and it still sets off the smoke detector.  The trick is to get the smoke away from the smoke detector.  What works is using the room fan on the smoke detector while I cook.  Although this defeats the purpose of detecting smoke, if there was a fire (God forbid), wouldn’t I be the first to know?



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