Change I can believe in


I have promised myself that I was going to deal with all the little things that annoy me in my apartment.  The major stuff has been taken care of, except for the oven, now it’s time to sweat the small stuff.  The bothersome, but not debilitating details; the things that bum me out, but are livable.  In other words – stop procrastinating.  By the end of each month, I want to have dealt with something, big or small.  An easy enough time table and easy on the wallet – I’m on a budget, remember?

For the month of January, I finally dealt with my cutlery tray.  I have lived too long with the lame-o drawer dividers knocking about.  I decided on a clear acrylic set after contemplating a more substantial bamboo – first at Crate and Barrel whose expandable rack would’ve fit perfectly, but was disturbingly shallow; then at both Kmart and Bed, Bath, & Beyond which were both sold out.  No more waiting, I snapped to a decision with the acrylic.  I’m actually happy with the acrylic – it’s practically invisible, like Wonder Woman’s plane.  Most of all, it fits in the odd-sized custom drawer without losing much space.  I almost wish I had done this earlier, but I am more appreciative after six long dysfunctional months without it.

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