Open Sesame


A few months back, I had stayed with a friend, let’s call her the OH, the Oatmeal Hater.  True to her name, she abhors one of my favorite breakfast foods.  So it was surprising to have her serve it up one morning.  The difference was a) a dry, not mushy oatmeal; and b) sesame salt.  I had never thought to combine the two, but I didn’t need much coaxing, I love both.  Much like the streusel topping on a crumb cake, the sesame salt adds  concentrated layer of flavor to its blander counterpart.  Having a batch of sesame salt also come in handy for Korean cooking like in the Dok Suni cookbook.

img_2775 img_2776 img_2777

Sesame Salt

-heat 1/2 cup sesame seeds over medium until golden brown

-take off heat, let cool for 5 minutes

-crush in a mortar and pestle

-add 1T coarse sea salt, combine well


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