The So-So Guest

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I try to be a good guest.  When invited to a friend’s house for dinner, I like to bring something and if I have the time, make something.  But am I being a good guest if what I’m giving is only okay?

Spiced Nuts with Sugared Bacon from the NY Times seemed like a great gift/contribution for a porcine enthusiast such as my friend, whom I had once given the Bacon of the Month Club as a present.  The recipe seemed easy enough – roast nuts with spices, roast bacon with brown sugar, combine, can’t go wrong.  Unless the EZ Bake oven burns the bacon.  There were some recoverable bits that were less than charcoal, but it lost impact having proportionately less bacon.  It may not have been the gift that I had originally imagined,  but it was still well-received and better than giving nothing at all.



One Response to “The So-So Guest”

  1. pictfamily Says:

    I think okay is definitely good, as long as just okay wasn’t what we were aiming for in the first place.

    It’s always lovely when people bring a gift, and especially great when they have put their own thought and time into making it.

    Roast nuts with spices sound good, although I must admit I’m not a bacon eater.

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