Bitter Cucumbers


When I had composed the Tuna and White Bean Salad again, I noticed a bitter taste to it.  A flashback of soapy feta crossed my mind, but this time I noticed that it was only the cucumbers that were bitter.  Crikey, bitter cucumbers?  Unknowingly, this is what probably ruined a batch of tzatziki that I made a few weeks ago.  Not the same cucumber, but an off taste; I had written it off as improperly rinsed container which would have been unusual for me.  How do I weed out the bad cukes?

Apparently what causes bitterness in cucumbers is a shock to the system due to high temperatures, low moisture, low fertility, or foliage disease.  A little too much information, I want to know how not to pick that loser.  When I shop for cucumbers, I look for a cucumber that is heavy for its weight, succulent not shriveled, with good color.  Aside from that, there’s not much else to be told, except to not buy out of season, which would be now.  And, trying the cukes before throwing it into a dish.


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