Glamorous Granola

img_2695 img_2699

Granola has come a long way from it’s hippie days of yore.  Once the trail mix of the crunchy set, it has become, like the thousand dollar bohemian chic frock, upscale and expensive.  Bouchon Bakery sells it, and at the Fort Greene Flea, it goes for $9 a bag.  I thought I’d save some bucks by making my own with the bits and bobs around the post-vacation kitchen.


-melt 2T butter and 2T honey in a skillet over medium high

-add 2T sesame seeds, 2T pepitas, 2T sunflower seeds, and 2T unsweetened coconut, cook until golden and not yet brown, about 3 minutes

-add 1 cup oats, cook until golden, about 2 minutes

-take off heat, add 1/4 cup dried cherries and 2T raisins

-transfer to wax paper lined baking sheet, spread out in a single layer to cool

-when cool, use the wax paper to funnel into an airtight jar

The nuts and dried fruit are flexible, crucial are the sesame seeds.


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