Cooking in the Pinky Purple Kitchen

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Being at my parents’ house inspired me to cook in their spacious suburban kitchen.  Twice as big as my own kitchen and with an oven, I was excited to make Self’s Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies.  OPK, Other People’s Kitchens, are usually better equipped than my fledgling kitchen, so I always welcome the chance.  Proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better, and well, everyone is different, especially my parents, it was a little harder than expected to work in the Pinky Purple Kitchen.

This is not the kitchen that I grew up in, as my parents moved shortly after I did. That kitchen, the green kitchen, was covered in aluminum foil to make clean up easier for my working mom.  The Pinky Purple Kitchen is covered in towels.  Every inch of limited counter space has a towel on it and I have no idea why.  Needless to say, counter space is limited, making it necessary to use the slightly wobbly kitchen table, which has stacks of newspapers and place mats on it.

 In my parents post-retirement years, they don’t really cook, they kind of reheat leftovers from restaurants or mix together various packaged foods.  Trader Joe is the favorite child in this house.  And my cooking lifeline – a cutting board and knife – are kicked to the curb.  The knives are from the old house, functional but not great.  I couldn’t find a cutting board to chop walnuts, so I used the pull out one built in the cabinets.  My parents had no idea that it existed.  I managed to find a set of measuring cups buried behind a bunch of empty peanut jars.  There were some baking pans, but no baking sheets, making it difficult to gauge the spread-spacing of the cookies.

The cookies, although not as pretty as in the magazine, turned out really well.  Light as a macaroon, but fudgy and flavorful, they’re only 55 calories a piece.  Like St. Mark says, you don’t need a great kitchen to make good food.


One Response to “Cooking in the Pinky Purple Kitchen”

  1. wendy dembo Says:

    Maybe we can make some cookies while you are here.

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