The Best Airplane Meal


I am somewhat thankful for the lack of meals on airlines.  Let’s face it, the food sucks.  Why eat the dreck except that it’s included in the price of a ticket?  The only thing worse than the Sky Chefs is the overpriced food at the airports that we are held hostage to.  But with a little forethought, and a good Vietnamese community,  it’s possible to eat well on a cross country trip.  

On my outbound trip, I like to get the #1 House Special Bahn-Mi and the vegetarian summer rolls at Bahn Mi So 1 in Chinatown.  Even though I’ve purchased my food the day before, it still survives the subway, the Air Train and the delays in flight.  The crusty bread absorbs the days’ goodness, remaining spicy and flavorful without losing the integrity of its frame.  The rolls sustain their bite and texture, dipped into the hoisin peanut sauce.  The challenge is resisting the urge to eat at point of purchase when the sandwich is hot.  Airplane food never tasted so good.


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