A Not So Little Kitchen


For my last entry of the year, I would like to pay tribute to Mark Bittman’s “little” kitchen.  A modest, normal kitchen at 6′ x 7′,  one would think that he would have a state of the art galley, being the esteemed cookbook author that he is.  Although I could only dream of having a kitchen like his, at twice the size of my own, with full-size appliances and a dishwasher, I am heartened to hear that he has a simple, no nonsense kitchen.   The lesson being that good cooks, not grand kitchens, make good food. This is my aspiration for The Littlest Kitchen.  Similarly, it is this lack of fussiness that draws me to the Minimalist’s recipes, basic with only the most key details.   I like that he works out of a plebeian kitchen.  Mark, he’s just like us.

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