Christmas shopping outside of Santa’s workshop led me to Starbuck’s this week.  I haven’t been to Starbuck’s in quite some time, certainly not since they’ve had to list calories on the menu, and it was shocking.  My jaw almost dropped to the ground when I saw that Marshmallow Squares had 440 calories – almost a third of my supposed caloric intake for the day.  I knew that Cinnabons were calorie bombs due to all the shortening and icing, but those light and airy Marshmallow Squares?  I guess I shouldn’t be so naive, having made them recently with twice as much butter.  

Posting the caloric content certainly had its intended effect on me – it made me think twice.  But in Jim Dwyer’s column in the Times on Saturday about the menu disclosures, this information is irrelevant to many.  Some people mistake the range of calories listed in a value meal as a phone number.  Some people don’t know how many  calories that they should consume.  Some people don’t know what calories are.  Again shocking, and sad.  For those of us who do know, it’s a bridge between denial and reality.  Hard numbers work.

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