Santa’s Workshop, pt. 2


With the holiday office party, I finally had an excuse to make the New York Times’ Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats from about a year ago.  I could only imagine how good it could possibly be with the depth of brown butter and rich caramel tones.  Kind of, sort of, not really.  It’s definitely buttery, twice as much butter in relation to the marshmallows, but not to the rice krispies.  So it has the mouth watering flavor of butter, but it’s surprisingly dry and crumbly, showering oneself in a messy shatter of krispie dust with every bite.

img_2630 img_2632 img_2633

Since I’ve never tried to brown butter before, I was particularly neurotic about this part of the process.  Melted butter, understood.  Foaming butter, I guess it’s when it looks like its boiling, hard to tell since it looks like butter soup.  Clear, aha!  But is the brown part supposed to look like separated balsamic dressing with little brown pieces?  I was wondering if this separation was “breaking” like mayonnaise.  But it was correct, as indicated by the photos on  A particularly ugly step, was mixing it in with the snow white marshmallows.


The end product is much more attractive with the brown butter nicely tanning the rice krispies and flecked with the black flecks of browned milk solids.  It might be worth trying again with less rice krispies, but I’ll have to wait until my cholesterol count has a chance to recover.

2 Responses to “Santa’s Workshop, pt. 2”

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