Santa’s Vial of Crack

img_2617 img_2620

Along with the infused vodka, I’m thinking of adding something else to my work gifts.  Sweet and spicy nuts?  Too much work for too little yield.  Bourbon Balls for a double booze delight?  A good option for having no oven.  Chex Party Mix?  I need a trial run.

I’ve never made Chex Party Mix before.   It struck me to make Chex Party Mix because Chex was on sale at Pathmark for buy 1 get 2 free, talk about the power of persuasion.  The recipe makes enough for an army, so I pared it down to a third for my trial.  The recipes on the box essentially involved cooking in the microwave and adding powdered salad dressing.  Not interested.  The original on had its share of powdered flavorings, but it also had butter and Worcestershire sauce.  An irresistible combination that wrapped me up in its spell, I felt like I had discovered nuclear fission and crack cocaine together.  Hence, I couldn’t stop eating it, hoovering away with all the enthusiasm of a competitive eater.  It was gone in minutes.  Nobody gets Chex Party Mix.  And if I made the full recipe for gifts, nobody would get that either,  as I would undoubtedly eat it all.  

Chex Party Mix (adapted from

-preheat oven 250 degrees

-in a large bowl, mix 3 cups Corn Chex, 3 cups Rice Chex, 3 cups Wheat Chex, 1 cup mixed nuts, and 1 cup small pretzels

-melt 6T butter, add 2T Worcestershire sauce, toss with cereal mix, transfer to a baking sheet

-bake for an hour, stirring every 15 minutes, allow to cool.


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