Santa’s Workshop, pt. 1

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Infused vodkas would seem to be an easy, fairly inexpensive, gift that everyone in my work sorority would love.  What’s not to love – made with love and care, nice to look at, hopefully tasty, and a re-usable bottle.  On my end, it wasn’t as cheap or easy as I thought.  The bottles are about $5 each.  For six, it hits a critical mass of $30.  The vodka was $20 for 1.75 liters.  The lemons were a serendipitous freebie.  Okay, so it’s less than $10 a bottle, which is not so bad for an office gift.  But what about my hourly wage?

It all sounded so simple – add a lemon peel to a bottle of vodka, wait a week, and voila!  Lemon-infused vodka.  I got the recipe from The Container Store, of all places, where I got the bottles and a funnel.  I had the choice of Meyer lemons or regular lemons in my fridge.  The Meyers were delicately perfume-y, where as the regular lemons smelled like Lemon Pledge.  I’ll go with the Meyer lemons.  The recipe calls for peeling a long strip of the lemon peel, careful not to get the pith, which makes the vodka bitter.  Since the lemons weren’t super taut, it was already difficult to get the peel off with a paring knife, let alone without the pith.  I had to go back over each peel and scrape the pith off.  It took almost two hours for five lemons.  Once it was done, and I threw it in the vodka-filled flask, it was so satisfying to see the peel floating in the clear bottle.  A pretty gift indeed.


I also tried a ginger version from for an extra gift to have.  Not as pretty, without the graphic yellow ribbon of peel.  It only needs to sit for a day, for a really quick, albeit homely, gift.


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