Momofuku Cuckoo

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Now that the three star review in The New York Times has made going to Momofuku near impossible, I should really try to learn how to cook the dishes that I love.  On the lighter side of the meat-heavy menu is the apple and smoked bacon salad with lychees and nuts, a “healthier” dish to make at home.  I’ll start by saying that bacon and apple is a divine combination.  Too bad my can of lychees had gone bad, my chili nuts almost burned in the toaster oven, and I was too lazy to mince scallion for only apples and bacon and near-charred nuts.  The result was a good, but not complete, replica of the original.

The recipe is fairly reasonable, except in dealing with the apples.  Do I really have to warm the whole, unpeeled apples in a bowl of water?   I’m not sure if it makes that much of a difference.  His description on how to make 1/8″ slices of apples seems more complex than it is, couldn’t he just say thinly sliced apples?  Tonight, I’ll have to get a fresh can of lychees and mince those scallions and try again.  I’d even slice the apples into matchsticks and put it on a bed of watercress since it’s my own Momofuku.


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