My Own Momofuku

img_2566 img_2567 img_25691

I love the little pork sliders at Momofuku.  Too bad you have to go there in order to have them.  Noisy, crowded, surly, and that wait…  Not any more.  For the same amount of time as waiting, I can shop for the ingredients in Chinatown, bring it home to Brooklyn, make four sandwiches, and eat all four sandwiches.  Admittedly, it’s not as good…yet.  The buns that I got from New Wing Wah Bakery on Grand Street are much larger and strangely pinwheeled, disturbing the meat to bun ratio.  The “rost pig” from the Deluxe Food Market on Elizabeth Street isn’t as mouth meltingly juicy.  But pull out the center of the buns, add a schmear of hoisin, and the Korean pickles (not on the real thing, but I like them), close your eyes, and you’re almost there without the ado.


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