The Pecking Order


Ever since I’ve loosened the purse strings, I’ve been trying to eat better in many different ways – more healthfully, more responsibly, more organic, more local more PC.  Buy less and buy better.  I’ve developed a sort of pecking order to my shopping, from the top:

-Farmer’s Markets – for the best produce, locally grown, least carbon heavy, small business, often organic, but not the most convenient in time and place, not necessarily one stop shopping, and often the priciest.  A small price to pay for feel good-good for you food.

-small business markets – I love Westerly, but it’s not convenient.  Or for convenience I like the bevy of markets near me, but not with the best variety.

-Whole Paycheck – has most of the things that I like, convenient, but as a chain, it doesn’t need my money.  And it’s expensive.

-Chinatown and Stiles – the prices that I like to pay, questionable provenance.

-Pathmark – the agribusiness.  Cheap, but un-PC.

Fairway is an event, as it looms largely in my heart and soul for variety, quality, and price.  I just can never get there.  In a city of options, it’s nice to have choices and priorities.


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