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I used to like to get my spices at Kalustyan’s because they were fresh, exotic, cheap, and most of all, for the packaging.  No nonsense, simple glass jars with white metal lids.  The labels were completely generic, if not scientific looking.  Over the years, with its increasing popularity, the packaging has changed for the worse.   First, bright yellow labels with its “new” logo – a coroneted sun bursting over the name with fortune cookie fortune wrapped around the girth of the obloid earth.  At least it was small.  Now it’s huge.  Now the lid is plastic.  Now it’s expensive from when I bought them from $1.99 to $5.99.  Kalustyan’s, can you fire your graphic designer and use the money to invest in metal lids again?  Go back to the old labels which look like they serve double duty as shipping labels?  Success doesn’t serve everyone so well.


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