Virtuous Eating

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Now that I have a little more fun money each week, I can buy better.  I do not have to buy the pesticide-ridden sloppy seconds of questionable origins at the ghetto-mart.  I can get beautiful, organic, seasonal, local produce from bougeouisie-mart.  I do believe in spending where it matters, and I would want my hard earned money to go to a local farm rather than Con Agra.  Of course, the Farmer’s Market is the best place to buy, but sometimes there isn’t one at the time I want to shop.  

For $4.99 and for inspiration, I bought Satur Farms’ Hearty Veggie Mix, a beautiful mix of purple, orange, and white cauliflower, regular and romanesco broccoli, and a few random brussels sprouts.  Local, check.  Seasonal, check.  Organic, not so sure.  The packaging says “Natural”.  If it was organic, I’m sure it would have been prominently displayed as if it was blessed by the pope.  I’ve had the vegetables from Satur Farms in Long Island before, and they are particularly good.

I didn’t want to drown out the vegetables with a sauce, and I didn’t want the plainness of steaming, so I opted to roast them for maximum flavor, minimal effort.  Simply tossed with salt and olive oil, and roasted at 400 degrees in the toaster oven for about 20 minutes, they were tender with crisp edges, slightly caramelized, never sulfurous.  So much better than the agribusiness version.


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