Well Spent



I had never been to New Orleans, and with Prospect.1, the New Orleans biennial, it seemed a good time to go for a short, relatively inexpensive vacation.  I’ve always been told that I would love New Orleans, and with the exception of the tourist-mongering French Quarter, I do indeed.  I heart New Orleans.  Or should I say, I stomach New Orleans.  An eating town supreme, I wished that I was a cow, just to have three stomachs to indulge in all that New Orleans had to offer.  Here’s my hit parade:


-Adolfo’s – a hideaway of a restaurant located upstairs from a bar serving Creole-Italian cuisine.  My crab and corn cannelloni had all the sweetness of crabcakes wrapped in a thin sheet of pasta, smothered in a creamy spicy sauce.  611 Frenchmen Street.


Couchon – a veritable temple of pig worship, it’s what is expected from one of Frank Bruni’s Top 10 restaurants in the country.  Oink.  930 Tchoupitoulas Street.

Elizabeth’s – a honky tonk of a place on an industrial corner of Bywater, it’s food well done without being precious.  Fried oysters on a salad were perfectly crisp and rich.  A red velvet cake made by the 80 year old Bob was beyond good.  And for two great tastes that taste great together, there’s the salty and sweet praline bacon.  601 Gallier Street.

La Vita – I know that I can get pizza anywhere, but I was hungry, and this is near City Park, and it was so nice to sit outside.  No regrets, this is good pizza with a crisp and airy crust.  3201 Esplanade Avenue.

Loretta’s – Go for the pralines, stay for the pralines and cream ice cream.  Truly the best in town, everyone looked at us with envy as we carried our Loretta’s bags around.  2101 North Rampart.

Cafe Du Monde – This may be sacrilege to say, but those beignets are a bit much for me.  What I do love is the super smooth coffee.  800 Decatur Street.


Napoleon House – Such old school southern charm, it’s worth going to just for the Pimm’s Cup.  A refresher after a browse through UAL, a boutique-y Century 21 with deep discount designer clothes, which is two doors down.  500 Chartres Street.

In only four days, I feel like a I merely scratched the surface.  No time for gumbo, jambalaya, po’ boys, muffellatas, or anything blackened for that matter.  I’ll have something to look forward to at the next biennial.


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