Righting a Wrong

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I’ve made plenty of mistakes in The Littlest Kitchen, it comes wholesale with the price of learning, so I don’t mind.  With each mistake, comes an opportunity to learn how to fix it.  In my unending quest to not waste herbs, I tried making Epicurious’ Cilantro Coconut Rice.  I don’t know what I did – too much scallion, unsweetened coconut (not sweetened), long grain rice (not basmati) – I didn’t like it.  Specifically, I didn’t like the raw onion taste of the scallion cilantro slurry mixed into the rice.  Blech.


To right this wrong, I knew that I had to cook the rice again to get rid of the raw onion-ness.  I pictured a fried rice with Chinese sausage, peas, and scrambled eggs.  But a failed attempt to go to Chinatown yielded no sausages, so I had to work with what I could get at the grocery store, namely chorizo.  Disappointingly more like a Polish kielbasa than chorizo, it served its purpose, adding flavor and meatiness to the rice.  Instead of scrambled eggs, I fried the egg for a gooier bibim bap effect.  Or green rice and eggs and ham-like.  Better.


REMEMBER:  Let’s all fix the mistake of the past eight years and VOTE today!  We can’t afford not to.


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