Abject Greed


Do I really need another cookbook?  I already have a shelf’s worth, many of which I don’t even touch.  But I can’t deny that crazy bargain hunter/hoarder in me – when the office next door is selling their cookbooks for $5 a pop, I can’t stop myself.  I like to think that the six cookbooks that I got are carefully considered, not just that I’m plain greedy.


-Into the Vietnamese Kitchen – I want to learn how to cook Vietnamese food.  A real pretty book that has the hit parade of Vietnamese food and the basics, it even has some charcuterie in it.  Although I don’t see myself making sausages, it satisfies my curiosity when I go to the Bahn Mi store and wonder what all the colorful stuff in plastic is.

-Healthy Thai Cooking – I want to learn how to cook Thai food.  Not as pretty and in depth as the Vietnamese Kitchen, it has appealing and easy recipes, including how to make curry paste (use up those herbs!).  I hesitated on this book since it looks like one of those closeout books on the bargain shelf at Barnes and Noble, but the recipes won me over.


-Soups – Food porn!  The beautiful photography seals the deal on this easy soup book.  So much so that I didn’t notice that the recipes are in metric.


-Tom Valenti’s Soups, Stews and One-Pot Meals – More stew-y, soup-y recipes, I can’t get enough.  It had me at Baked Gnocchi Carbonara.


-The Gourmet Garage Cookbook – So many outstanding recipes (Hot Green Chile Grits!  Toasted Oats and Fresh Tomato Soup!), although I rarely go to the Gourmet Garage.  It also offers tips on using and shopping for ingredients.


-The Food Life – Fairway’s tell-all and cookbook, I love this store, so shouldn’t I buy the book?


It’s time to get cooking!

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