How About Those Nutella Rice Krispie Treats?


I finally found a recipe for Nutella rice krispie treats, and let me tell you, it’s divine.  Basically, it’s the standard RK treat recipe with 2 less tablespoons of butter and 2 more tablespoons of Nutella,  the nutty chocolateness adds an extra dimension to the sweet sweet marshmallows.




I haven’t made RK treats in a while, and I certainly haven’t made them in The Littlest Kitchen, so I was a bit rusty on my technique.  I made a trial batch from Rice Krispies and Froot Loops for a phantasmagoric color fest to bring for dinner the next night.  They tasted perfectly good, but they were malformed and ugly, like the junk floored bottom of the sea in Sponge Bob land.  What I learned on building a better RK treat:

-butter a dish, don’t use wax paper, it sticks

-cook the marshmallows over low so that the marshmallows don’t get brittle

-spread and press down the mixture in the molding pan with a silicone spatula, it doesn’t stick

-a little salt doesn’t hurt


Tasty, easy, and I don’t need an oven!


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