The Big Purchase

Physically big, not financially big. What was impeding my cooking was not having an oven, but not having a large mixing bowl. Last weekend, I finally made it over to Win Restaurant Supplies and shelled out $5 for a 12″ metal mixing bowl. In my travels, I’d seen a lot of cute nested mixing bowl sets in sweet round-ish shapes and bright colors, but I have to be practical – I’m a total klutz. Glass and ceramic will most certainly meet a fateful demise in my hands, especially the way that I stack dishes when I wash them. Plastic absorbs smells and stains. Metal is the way to go, I don’t think I can break it, only dent it.

To inaugurate my new bowl and use those new beans, I made the Adzuki Bean Loaf from the Whole Foods Market Cookbook. A combination of adzuki beans, boiled potatoes, mirepoix, pita bread, and fresh herbs, it claims to be a “meatless” meat loaf. It looked like meatloaf with the beans adding a nice reddish tinge, but tasted more like savory mashed potatoes. Still good, but different. I imagine that if it had something to make it more chewy like brown rice, it could be more meat-like. Using ramekins, I baked them in the toaster oven, which sometimes feels more akin to playing with a Betty Crocker EZ Bake Oven than cooking. A crust forms nicely on top, making me wonder how the would be as pan-fried veggie burgers. Probably like latkes.

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