That’s Right!

I try to be aware of what I throw away in our landfills, the reality being, I create very little garbage, about a grocery bag’s worth a week. I recycle what I can given New York City’s limitations, compost food scraps, and try not to buy things that will create excess trash, i.e. snack packs. I use my own bags, drink out of a BPA-free bottle, and fully support Home Depot’s compact fluorescent bulb recycling program. But I have never thought about recycling my Brita filter.

As reported in the New York Times yesterday, has started an online petition to persuade Clorox, who owns Brita, to recycle used filters. Apparently a practice in some European countries, where filters can be sent back to the manufacturer or dropped off at stores for recycling, the petition is an effort to start a similar program in the US. A great idea, considering that filters are supposed to be changed every 2-3 months, sending 4-6 plastic filters to that great burial in the ground every year, per pitcher. Still small in comparison to the number of water bottles that get used every day, but still significant.


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