The Thrill of It

Having in excess of $140 last week, I found myself with $80 left to burn by Friday. Practically giddy from being flush with cash, I picked up the tab for dinner, a measly $20 for two at a Vietnamese restaurant. It feels good to give back and return generosities of the past. The budget doesn’t allow for me to treat often, so it’s nice to do so when I can. For a friend’s party, I got the $15 bottle of wine, instead of the $11 bottle. By the end of my errands on Saturday, after the farmer’s market and the dry cleaners, I was down to $10. Down in the dumps again.

The week ahead is not so flush. At least three meals out ($20), a doctor’s appointment ($15), and coffee ($12), leaves only $13 of mad money. Depressing. But that’s the budget, it’s benefit is that it helps me plan out the money for the week so I don’t spend recklessly. Sagacity, at the expense of fun and happiness.


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