The Surplus

All week, I’d been worried about my budget while my out of town friends were here. Over the course of three dinners, I had planned a $20-$20-$40 spread, no alcohol. Every passing day became easier when I knew that I had money for the next meal. The Wednesday dinner was a treat, so by Friday, I had some moolah to throw around. But my friends are too nice and didn’t let me spend my tightly clenched cash. Not only once, but twice, since I didn’t have to turn down brunch, even though I was ready to return the favor with my surplus. They outnumbered me, and they are all too kind, I’m so not worthy of their generosity.

Now that I have almost $40 left over from the week, do I spend it on Things That I Think I Want? Roll it over to next week? Pick up my dry cleaning? Sock it away? Pass on the good karma and take someone out? It’s mad money.


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