The Week Ahead

First, a recap of last week. I spent a whopping $88.24 out of $100 on food. I went out for brunch, put some money on my lunch card, went over to friends’, and bought big ticket items like olive oil and a chicken. My social life was livelier, and I had $7 left over. I considered spending that $7 on a frivolous food item, but I need to squander it for the upcoming week. I have no less than two friends coming in from out of town, with additional tentative plans with other friends. That $100 has to go far.

My friends are aware of my financial constraints, so it’s up to me, as the knowledgable New Yorker to come up with the evenings’ affordable dining. Out of towners are different from the in-towners since they’ve come a long way to experience the city, not just to see yours truly. Dinner at my place or a down-and-dirty place doesn’t really suffice. There needs to be some ambiance, and good food.

I have to admit that I feel kind of bad about subjecting my friends to my financial insanity. But it is this over indulging and over spending that got me into this hole in the first place, along with the renovation, the vacations, and the clothing habit. When it comes to an invitation for friends and food, I can’t say no. It’s the way we socialize. I like my friends. And I like good food. There is an intersection where the two can meet, and it’s about making the right choices, much like being on a diet. And that does not include expensive bottles of wine and overpriced $30 brunches at lame West Village restaurants.


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