The Lesser of the Uglies

The peninsula was always supposed to be multi-purpose as a work surface and a dining space. I still need to get counter height stools in order for it to serve as the latter. In all my research, I have yet to find stools that I like. They’re all hideous. It’s become a matter of getting something cheap and bearable, and then replacing it when I find the real deal at a flea market. These shinto stools from Pearl River could be that alternative at $29.50. Simple and slim, they’re the right height and the right price. They’re not even that ugly, and I would want vintage versions of these that are more weathered and worn.

The irony of this is that I actually like the peninsula as a dedicated work space, and not as a resting/hanging out/dining spot. I prefer to sit at a separate table away from where I cook and clean. Maybe that’s just how I’m feeling now because I do have those two kinds of spaces. It’ll be good to have the option of sitting at the peninsula, at least for my guests.

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