Re-thinking Trash

I was convinced that I wanted the Rationell trash bin set from Ikea to go under the kitchen sink. It was small, since I don’t make that much garbage; it has a lid, to cover the garbage that I don’t take out that often; and it rolled out, so that I wouldn’t have to reach in. Done. But in adjusting to the kitchen, I’ve discovered that I don’t mind having the garbage can out, there’s plenty of room, and it’s nice not to have to open a cabinet to throw something away. The garbage can just has to be a little more appealing than the purple plastic thing that I have. Aside from being small and covered, I found that I wanted a step can because often my hands are wet or dirty. The best candidate that I’ve found is the Simple Human 10-liter step can. More of a size for the bathroom or office, it’s just right for The Littlest Kitchen since it’s the right size for grocery store plastic bags. It’s silver and slim, which is a little more look-at-me than I like, if not match-y with the fridges. At $29.99, it’s going to have to wait.

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