The Cat’s Got My Tongue

More like my wallet. This week, I spent more money on feeding my cat than feeding myself – $40.23 for her, $38.72 for me. The killer was the milk-derivative supplement, recommended by my vet, to calm her nerves since she’s been having stress issues. Oddly, it’s been only after the year of renovations that she’s been poco loco, and not during. I sure would have loved to buy something else for that $35 – food, friends, dry cleaning, things – but I do what I have to do. So in dealing with my own monetary insanity, I’m devoting this week to The Things I Think I Want.

If I had enough money this week, I would have bought the Bed, Bath & Beyond bamboo cutlery tray. Those stick-on dividers that I bought are officially loser-ville, collapsing and sliding yet again. I’ve learned that I need something solid. This particular tray at 14″ x 10 1/4″ is very close to being the right size for my custom drawers at 15″ x 12″. I lose about an inch, which I hope will be negligible. I’m also considering the Muji propylene trays for the job, which are individually 12″ x 3.4″, so I would need three to lay vertically, or four to lay horizontally, which is a little weird, but very efficient. At $2.25 a piece, it may be an affordable compromise worth trying.

One Response to “The Cat’s Got My Tongue”

  1. Carole Says:

    Hi Linda–
    Check this out –in London, they’re living on one pound a day!

    Clearly, frugal is the new black.

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