The $100 Assessment

Out of my $100 last week, I spent $55.98 on food. More than twice as much as the piety diet-y would allow, I finally got to buy my beloved coffee and some fancier goods. I’ve had to adjust to the new job’s cafeteria culture and spend $20 when I ordinarily wouldn’t. By the end of the week, I eked by on $4.06 to make a chicken tagine. I even got to try the Goya Dulce de Leche wafers as recommended by Henry Alford. Eh, they weren’t all that, tasting more like brown sugar and margarine than dulce de leche. I don’t need to spend my 99¢ on that again.

One concession that I’ll have to make with the $100 budget is the metro card. I thought that this would be covered by my commuter benefits program, but that doesn’t kick in until November. The $25 unlimited weekly works out to be $20 more than buying a monthly, not a financially prudent move when I’m trying to save money. As OO point outs, this should be considered an utility, a necessary expense like the electricity and not included in the $100, which is voluntary. After all, I wouldn’t be able to get to work to make the money pay for it!

The grief of no credit cards is hitting me just as the fall fashion frivolity is happening. Target’s Bullseye Bodega should have some good cheap thrills, if it isn’t completely picked over within its first day. Colette’s collaboration with The Gap has adorable knick knacks galore. The miniature outfit on a keychain is too cute, I don’t need it, but I want it! But between food and a dopey keychain, I’ll pick…


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