Have I Not Learned Nothing?

Set free from my $25 shackles, I go wilding at the grocery store like a drunken co-ed in Daytona Beach. For $14.07, I walk away with only peanut butter, cottage cheese and rye crackers. Not just any peanut butter, but organic crunchy Valencia peanut butter that I’ve been craving for weeks. I’ve staved off my desires and eschewed the tempting $1.24 Peter Pan on sale at Pathmark for this fancier, tastier, roasti-er version. In my dairy deficient diet, I’ve also been yearning for cottage cheese, organic por favor. And what else to eat with cottage cheese than low carb rye crackers? So much healthier than not-99¢ Bravos crackers and Cheez-Its. There’s definitely something to be said about getting what you pay for. In today’s three item shopping spree, it’s worth it.

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