$1 at the Farmer’s Market

When I told a friend that I had to stop going to the farmer’s market because of the piety diet-y, she thought it was a crime against humanity. At this time of year, to miss the produce that’s in season – the tomatoes, the corn, the peaches – was to miss out on life itself. And she’s in the land without seasons, California.

It breaks my heart, but I can’t go to the farmer’s market with the reckless abandon of a bottomless wallet. I have to exercise prudent restraint. With one of my final dollars last week, I indulged in a peach and an ear of corn. Perfect and sweet, it was as blissful as eating the sun. For that moment, there was no global warming, no pollution, no oxygen depleted dead zones, only the rapture of nature’s bounty. And then it was over, $1 gone. So those that can, do. Go to the farmer’s market with the appetite of a Roman army and eat an extra peach for me.

2 Responses to “$1 at the Farmer’s Market”

  1. Carole Says:

    A girl can’t live on cucumbers and crackers! I think you need to supplement your groceries by fueling up at work events, or something!! Can you finagle a few dinner invites per week? Or perhaps go foraging in Central Park?

  2. wendy Says:

    Yeah! I am so happy that you got a peach and piece of corn! Maybe next time a tomato and a nectarine?
    Ruby really likes corn too.

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