99¢ love

I was happy to see that someone else out there shares my growing love for the 99¢ Stores. In Henry Alford’s 99¢ challenge in the New York Times from a few months ago, he spent a week making dinner with only ingredients from the 99¢ store. His thoroughness and ingenuity are an inspiration. I don’t think that he had a monetary limit, and there certainly wasn’t one to his cooking imagination (natch, the chilled pear soup).

There is a gleefulness in his bargain shopping, that fellow cheapskates like myself can appreciate. Similarly, I share his hesitation of buying super cheap meat; my bugaboo being cheap milk, hence I just can’t quit you Whole Foods. His comparison of the changing inventory to harvest is a delightful metaphor to what seasonally falls off the truck. In our fetishization of food, it’s satisfying to see the veil of snobbery being lifted away. Good food is where you find it. Or in this case, how you make it and present it.


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